26 February, 2021

Stagecraft Was One Job

How an abrasive genius wisened up, learnt to respect talent and lead a creative cohort towards great things

Stagecraft Was One Job

The question is, do we really need another biography of Steve Jobs? After all, when Jobs learned he was dying, he deci­ded to commission an ‘official biography’ of himself. And the person he selected was Walter Isaacson, who had earlier written a biography of Albert Einstein, which Jobs evidently considered appropriate credentials for the task.

Isaacson produced a biography of Jobs, which was highly acclaimed, even called ‘magisterial’. It was essentially a play in two acts. Act I: An odious but very talen­ted jerk revolutionises the world of computers, becomes rich and famous in the process, but finally gets slung out of his own company for being totally obnoxious. Act II: Ten years later, odious but talented jerk is invited back by the company to save it from extinction. He turns it around, and then goes on to give us a succession of dazzling products that tra­nsform the worlds of computing, music, telephony and publishing, respectively, making the company humongously successful in the process. He, however, continues to be totally...

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