24 September, 2020

St Thomas, Turnabout

Evangelisation isn't always an eastward wave. It's Indian 'shepherds' who're flocking to the West.

St Thomas, Turnabout
The Eastern Magi
  • Indian Catholic priests and nuns are increasingly in demand in the West, which has a dearth of new recruits
  • The flow of missionaries is now from East to West, over 20,000 Indians serve in Catholic institutions in Europe, US
  • Valued for their qualities of head and heart, they serve as parish priests, in hospitals, also as professors, managers
  • Prominent Indians in the Vatican hierarchy include Cardinal Ivan Dias, former Archbishop of Bombay; Father Thomas Reddy who heads Archivum Romanum; Archbishop Francis Chullikat, the Vatican's envoy in Iraq; Fr Jacob Srampickal, who heads Communications at the Pontifical Gregorian University; Monsignor Felix Machado who leads the Vatican's inter-faith dialogues
Jesus must have smiled when Paramjit Prem and his band of "brothers" broke into bhangra to the rollicking beat of Tu ni boldi at the Christmas celebration of Indian priests and nuns in Rome. Cardinal Ivan Dias, the Vatican's seniormost Indian, sat in the...


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