22 June, 2021


The managing director of ITC hotels on Why tourism has failed to take off in India

Why's Indian tourism failed to take off ?
Probably it has never taken off because there is a general feeling it has. China got 7.5 lakh tourists in 1996 - 97 which was the same as us, now they get 26 millions.

The world made its millennium plans well in advance, why're we lagging behind ?
We're great believers in one - minute management.

You've been part of Assocham's effort to revive tourism in J&K. How soon do you see an improvement ?
We went to Srinagar in Aprail last year . There are extremely satisfying trends. Whilst we were very pleased with our efforts our neighbours obviously weren't

Why've you failed to repeat the kind of success you did with Bukhara ?
Bukhara is a legend in itself and we've tried to preserve its legacy.

What explains Welcomegroup's huge growth in a dull tourism market ?
Discerning customers always need good products. I suppose we value each other.

Are five - star hotels still considered a luxury in a country such as ours ?
That perception has changed. There is...

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