27 July, 2021

Spy Versus Spy

Rival IPS-RAS lobbies lead the agency in an even deeper hole

Spy Versus Spy
Raw's Ripe Discord
  • The infighting between IPS and RAS cadre lobbies has ensured lack of professional growth
  • Jayadev Ranade, a joint secretary from the RAS cadre, is facing the axe due to differences with his IPS superiors
  • IPS lobby has tried to promote its cadre by sidelining the RAS cadre. The RAS, on its part, has tried to repeatedly embarrass its IPS counterparts through selective leaks to the media
  • Lack of effective political control and oversight has led to an opaque process giving intelligence officials a free run. V.K. Singh's efforts to expose the corruption came to nought possibly because he trained his sights on IPS cadre Raw forces
  • There is no financial or administrative accountability, therefore discouraging merit and encouraging lobbies.


Late last year, senior RAW officials inducted into the agency from the Indian Police Service (IPS) huddled together at an informal meeting in Delhi. But it wasn't...

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