29 July, 2021

Tokyo Drift: India’s Finest Vs The World’s Best In Olympics 2020

Six World No. 1-ranked athletes; several others inside top 10s—India has never fielded this strong a team. Tokyo 2020 might be the Olympics we have waited for this long.

Tokyo Drift: India’s Finest Vs The World’s Best In Olympics 2020

It’s a curious happenstance—the vibrancy and frisson that attends an approaching Olympic Games is forcibly muted, with little of the customary flush and fever of anticipation emanating out of the venue itself. The sources of excitement right now, are the myriad realms from which athletes are setting out for Tokyo—the quadrennial culmination of national sporting aspirations and, for many individual sports, of all their international competitions.

A new, effervescent Indian team will be on show at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo, an Olympics that is unpredictable for being stalked by the pandemic, and equally strange for its projected, total absence of spectators. When hockey captain Manpreet Singh and boxing legend Mary Kom lead the 119-member strong Indian contingent out at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo on July 23, they will represent the face of a bold generation of fiercely competitive athletes who will not yield an inch in their quest for excellence.


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