27 July, 2021

Soul Of Cricket Reforms Has Become Impure: RM Lodha

Ex-Chief Justice R.M. Lodha feels many significant reforms in cricket have been "tinkered" with.

Former Chief Justice RM Lodha
Soul Of Cricket Reforms Has Become Impure: RM Lodha

A SC-named panel, headed by ex-Chief Justice R.M. Lodha, suggested game-changing ref­orms that are finally being imp­lemented. Lodha spoke to Qaiser Mohammad Ali in an exc­lusive interview. Excerpts:

Some officials elected to the BCCI affiliates are family members of previous officials. How do you see this?

It is really a sad spectacle because the idea of the reforms was to break the monopoly of people who had been in control of cricket administration for decades and decades. But in a democratic set-up they have tried to take advantage of the process because as the kith or kin you are not disqualified. Therefore, they continue to have indirect control over these associations. Obviously, this a very frustrating experience. Hopefully, over a period of time people will understand that this cannot go on forever, and things would improve. Maybe it is also because of the Indian mindset. In every walk of life, you will find that family control continues, whether it is politics, whether it is big...

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