07 May, 2021

‘My Story Is Inspiring Others To Take Up Online Sports Seriously’

Aaditya Sawant, famously known as Dynamo to the online gaming freaks, is a PUBG superstar. Dynamo's videos are seen by lakhs on YouTube and his fan following is no less than a top cricketer

‘My Story Is Inspiring Others To Take Up Online Sports Seriously’

In a cricket-mad country where a Sachin Tendulkar or a Virat Kohli can never escape public attention, the name of Aaditya Sawant is unlikely to ring a bell to the common sports buff. Right? Wrong. Not if you have more than seven million YouTube followers and two million on Instagram. Nicknamed ‘Dynamo’, 24-year-old ‘Aadii’ is the power behind a burgeoning clan of streamers showing off their gaming skills online. A PUBG Mobile specialist, Dynamo has an ave­rage of 200,000 views whenever he streams his game over the internet for a two-three hour session. He gets paid for every minute and needs a full-time person to manage his time every day. He tells Soumitra Bose that a “skilful streamer can make seriously good money”. Excerpts from an exclusive interview:

You are quite a rockstar. Can we call you the Virat Kohli of online sports in India?

(Laughs) I won’t compare myself with a Virat Kohli, but I am part of a growing fraternity of sportspersons who have...

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