01 March, 2021

Indian Cricketers' Association -- The Voice That Never Was

With more than 8,000 members and a place in the all-important apex council of the Indian cricket board, ICA is history in making

Kapil Dev and Anshuman Gaekwad are part of the ICA steering committee
Photograh by PTI
Indian Cricketers' Association -- The Voice That Never Was

It is a group whose time had come long back, and yet took years to fructify despite a real, felt need from all professional wielders of bats and hurlers of balls. The Indian Cricketers’ Association (ICA), with full backing of the Supreme Court, has finally come into being. Around 8,000–possibly more—former first-class and international players, both men and women, along with disabled cricketers, are to bec­ome proud members of the ICA and their state chapters. And, for all you know, a stalwart like Kapil Dev, Moh­ammed Azharuddin or Sachin Tendulkar could become president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in future, taking the ICA route. If that happens, it will herald a new era in Indian cricket.

The development is truly game-changing—a paradigm shift of immense significance. The BCCI never let players raise their voice in its 90-year history, and any attempt was squashed by powerful administrators of the day with an iron boot. The few half-hearted atte­mpts made in 1978, 1989 and 2002 were summarily...

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