29 July, 2021

Gold Standard: Profiling India’s Best Medal Hopes

Yes, the Olympics is on! India will be there too…watch out for this 19-year-old duo, and a few others.

Gold Standard: Profiling India’s Best Medal Hopes

India has never been as buoyant as this before an Olympics. From July 23, India’s finest will compete against the world’s best in the backdrop of a futuristic Tokyo—a metropolis trying to come to terms with humanity’s post-apocalyptic reality. The fear is palpable, for our best-laid plans have been upended by a raving lunatic of a pandemic that has brought the heightened emotions of a manga world into our lives. Only sports can defy it. Not to forget the motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius! Contingents from around the world will congregate in Tokyo; not all of them will win medals, but a majority of them have won laurels for their sacrifices and tireless pursuit of excellence. India, the world’s second-most populous country, will send over 100 athletes. Some are serious medal contenders and will script her or his story in an emp­hatic manner, on a podium; others shall keep the Olympics spirit alive. Here’s a look at ten medal contenders and their corresponding events. Sleeplessly and hopefully, we shall follow them.


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