27 July, 2021


Delightful mix of mean and kind spirits. Nice and spicy.

Ilove to read ghost stories. I also love author's introductions. It makes books personal and provides a rare insight into the author's mind. The introduction in this book starts with Bond's whimsical answer to a schoolboy: "Well, I don't believe in them (ghosts). But I keep seeing them!"

Some of the ghosts here are heartbreakingly tender. Wistful creatures like the pale little whistling schoolboy who was dangerously reckless in life, but protects his friends from death now that he's passed over. Or the Lilliput-like fairies who caress the Gulliver-like author as he sleeps on Pari Tibba and dreams of heaven. Others though, are neither benevolent nor caring. Like the creature in Something in the Water, "Something rose out of the bottom of the pool. It looked like a giant snail, but its head was part-human, its body and limbs part-squid or octopus... With a great sucking motion, it enveloped the man completely..." Or the strange widow and her children in Night of the Millennium. Yet others are actually not ghosts at all, but distressed souls on their way to the world of...

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