05 March, 2021

Splitting Headache

The new states aren’t complaining. But for their parents, it will be a painful parting of ways.

Splitting Headache

Are we slowly and steadily headed towards a future known as the United States of India? If government, aka the Planning Commission, has to be believed, yes. Says a senior advisor in Yojana Bhavan: "More states will mean efficient administration, better performance and equitable development. In 15-20 years, we could end up with 30-35 states with no state having a population of more than 40 million."


  • All mineral resources, their royalties and major industries go to Jharkhand
  • Unequal distribution means Bihar has less land but more people
  • Lion’s share of the debt goes to Bihar
  • Parent state left with just water resources
  • Lantern age awaits Bihar as power units fall in the new state

    Any state which crosses this population mark, say experts, should be split for economic viability. Historical evidence shows that states which have emerged after such division, like Andhra, Punjab and Haryana, have grown better after the split. So, on July 25, when three of India’s biggest and most populous states were carved into two -...

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