15 May, 2021

Split Atoms in Random Motion

The PMK joins the AIADMK but a Mahajot is some way off yet

Split Atoms in Random Motion
When Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder S. Ramdoss met the aiadmk general secretary on February 6, it signalled the dawn of a new political culture in Tamil Nadu. Although every election has witnessed realignments of political parties in its wake, the decision of the PMK has unnerved both its friends and its rivals at one go. The PMKis a casteist party, representing the Vanniyars of northern Tamil Nadu. It has a narrow parochial worldview and subscribes to an extreme form of Tamil nationalism and it is exclusive in its character. Also, the PMK chooses its partners not on ideology but by looking at which formation gives it more seats. By dumping the nda, the pmk has exposed the chinks in the armours of both the nda as well as the secular front.

What made Ramdoss take this decision? The PMK leader holds dmk president M. Karunanidhi responsible for his quitting the nda. "If Karunanidhi desired, he could have put the Tamizha Rajiv Congress (trc) and its president Vazhapadi K. Ramamurthy in place. But he enjoyed all the slander and the accusations made by Vazhapadi against me,"...

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