19 June, 2021

Spindrift Of My Dreams

Men (and women) to adore and get allured by...

Spindrift Of My Dreams

Disclaimer: This is a random list, and all persons featured are living. The dead would be irrelevant, no matter how legendary they might have been. There is, however, no evidence with me to prove that the persons listed below are worthy of the credits attributed. But here goes the fantasy list. Please forgive the gender balance, tilted in favour of the male kind—for only a few women make it to my wet dreams. Those listed below—both men and women—have been judged on the basis of face structure, rippling muscles, sense of humour, asset valuation (based on hearsay), and yeah, if all else fails, their bank balance...

Ratan Tata: His Guru Dutt-like “I once loved and lost” and “Yes, I am lonely” statements clinch it. Oh, and that accent—neither Indian nor British—and that roll of the tongue are endearing. And he...

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