10 May, 2021

Spilling Korma

Sania-Shoaib try to regain the grace they lost in Pakistan. Still, a spurned public sulks.

Spilling Korma

At last, on April 27, Sania and Shoaib did what most celebrity-hungry Pakistanis craved after ever since they landed in Karachi five days earlier—they turned around, waved and flashed a smile at the gaggle of cameramen assembled outside the Crystal Hall of the plush Pearl Continental Hotel. Behold them thus: she in a sea-green outfit, he in a black suit; she a tennis star steadily rapelling down the rankings, and he a Test cricketer still banned from playing for Pakistan. But for those fleeting moments, such mundane details were swept aside as the cameras whirred with fury and transmitted those pictures live to a nation eagerly waiting for a glimpse of their glamorous bhabi/bahu, the Indian whom the Pakistani cricketer had wooed and won over, much against the wishes of her jealous, often jingoistic countrymen.

But Sania and Shoaib’s smile came five days too late—it didn’t melt a million hearts or become a salve to the hurt of a people, or even put to rest the swirl of controversies the couple had raised wherever...

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