27 February, 2021

Special 28

Meet Aam Aadmi Party's unlikely MLAs

Sanjay Rawat
Special 28

Ask someone to name some of the newly elected MLAs of the Aam Admi Party (AAP). Chances are that most will throw up only the names of Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia. For a party that has been feted for its stellar debut at the hustings with a total of 28 out of Delhi's 70 seats, there’s one question people can’t help but ask: Who are the 26 other MLAs?

Turns out that true to their party’s identity, they are aam indeed. Here’s a sampling—Rakhi Bidlan (former journalist), Somnath Bharti (a lawyer and IIT postgraduate), Dharmendra Singh Koli (a social worker and long-time associate of Kejriwal), Surender Singh (ex-NSG commando), Raju Dhingan (an ex-CISF personnel), Sanjeev Jha (a social worker who, like a few other MLAs, describes himself as “dependent on friends and family”) and Prakash (a social worker and who at 25 is the youngest of the lot). 

All of the newly elected are offshoots from the larger India Against Corruption movement, which they had joined. Their entry into the thick of politics is something...

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