12 June, 2021

Speak Through The Hand

Marta’s stocks have outstripped Neymar’s, and how Jenna Bush let her hand do all the talking

Speak Through The Hand

My lesson in life and sports continue with Rio’s taxi drivers, who are always willing to offer you unsolicited advice on matters that may not concern you. And if you get into a cab when a football game is on in any part of the country, be sure to get two sets of commentary: one from the radio, and another from the taxista, or taxi dri­ver, who would even comment on the remarks made by experts on live radio.

On Tuesday, on the eve of Brazil’s crucial game against Denmark in men’s football, as we board a taxi from the media centre to Flamengo, the cabbie begins to talk. His radio is on, and two veteran commentators are talking about Brazil’s strategy that can end the host country’s elusive hunt for football gold. As one commentator says that Neymar has to “lead the team from the front”, our friend at the wheel chips in. “Rubbish,” he says, dismissing the comment. Then he offers his expert advice.

“Neymar need to borrow Marta’s shoes,” he says, adding that the Brazilian captain can do wonders...

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