21 October, 2020

Spared Of The Final Solution

Thank God, or should I say, Man, that India did not elect a Maximum Leader. One Bush in America is bad enough.

Spared Of The Final Solution
I am a God-fearing atheist. This oxymoron has relevance here because it has as much to do with theology as it has to do with politics. I believe in Nature’s wisdom, not in "God’s" mercy. Yet at the end of each year, at Diwali, at Id, at Rosh Hashanah, Christmas, I perform genuflections to God, a ritualistic gesture born from superstition rather than faith, in which I thank the First Cause of All Things for sparing India and the world a final descent into hell on the brink of which we seem to teeter perilously: natural disasters, Bush in Iraq, schoolchildren murdered in Russia, the televised slitting of hostages’ throats, the human wreckage in Gujarat.... Dante’s Inferno beckons.

But I still find time to offer thanks. With incorrigible stubbornness. Every moment that India pulls back from its habitual forays into barbarism and butchery is a moment for which to be grateful—grateful for the flourishes of man’s mercy, compassion and common sense that prevent us from sinking into a new abyss created neither by God nor the Devil but by man’s own ambition, greed, hatred...



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