28 July, 2021

Southall's Expat Battles

Racial tensions are on the rise once again, but this time between Asian ethnic groups

Southall's Expat Battles

ON February 8, 28-year-old Harminder Singh Jhagra was stabbed to death in a brawl between two rival Sikh groups in Cranford Park, Hayes, an are a near the west London suburb of South all "a Mecca for Asians in Britain". Initial rumours that this was a fight between Sikh and Muslim youths raised racial hackles, but the police and community leaders acted quickly to defuse the tension.

In another instance of violence, scores of Sikh and Muslim youths fought it out near a pub in the neighbouring area of Slough. But this was no ordinary brawl between drunken youngsters. The boys wielded kirpans and knives and hurled petrol bombs.

These incidents have brought to the fore the tensions that have been brewing between the youth of the two communities for quite some time now. Last summer, on Id-ul-Zuha the police picked up150 youngsters from the two communities. This year on Id-ul-Fitr in spite of high-profile police presence, approximately 40 youth were arrested. But since then the situation has been under control and the Lord Mayor of Slough, M.S. Mann,...

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