21 June, 2021

South Sudan Diary

The war is one thing. In South Sudan, the usual everyday is a battle. Only the sight of children going to school presents a sense of normalcy and optimism

South Sudan Diary
Peace Pitches Tent

The arrival and departure areas at Juba International airport are large tents through which hot air blows all day long. The degree of chaos differs depending on the number of planes arriving or taking off at a point. With many parts of the country under rebel control, road journeys are less and less possible, so scores of operators offer light planes to ferry people. The tents are full of people…arriving, waiting, lugging food, kids and elders often sitting on bagg­age (there are only a few bent and buckled seats). The scene hasn’t changed much from the time I first travelled to South Sudan a month after it became the world’s newest nation.

Wages of Freedom

In July 2011, South Sudan was in a state of euphoria. After decades of conflict with the north, it was finally free. And it sat on oil reserves that accounted for 85 per cent of undivi­ded Sudan’s production. With other...

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