15 May, 2021

Songs Of Expectation

Knowledge of and hope from the economy are at an all-time high in India

Songs Of Expectation
Since the 1990s, our growth seems to have redefined the very core of the Indian identity. For one, India as a country seems to have come out of its defensive crouch. Yes, our immense optimism at times feels a bit premature—there is much left to be done in India in reform policies to sustain growth and make it more inclusive. But one thing that we can be genuinely optimistic about is the change in the key ideas that dominate India.

Our rising aspirations have brought with it some interesting changes. Prior to reforms, the Indian environment was hostile to entrepreneurs. Outside of a few major business houses, running a firm in India was considered a pretty foolhardy thing to do—an entrepreneur would end up spending far more time in Delhi entangled in red tape than at his office or shop. Small private companies such as ours were wobbly little vessels on uncertain seas. Now, however, things couldn't be more different. Today, the Indian spirit is unabashedly entrepreneurial, and I'm certain that a good number of the 2008 graduating class...

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