04 August, 2021

Sonal Mansingh

On her reactions to this year’s Padma awards

Sonal Mansingh
You reactions to Pramod Mahajan's comment that nowadays the Padma awards are conferred on "gaanewale and bajaanewale"?
Doesn't he realise that we worship Shiva as Nataraj, the Lord of Dance?

And his choice of words will further disparage artists.
Of course, it shows his total disdain for the arts.

Do this year's awards reflect the NDA biases?
Why just them? When I refused to dance during the Emergency, the Congress had me blacklisted as an artist.

What all did you feel you lost out on as a result of this blacklisting?
I had no access to media, AIR, TV or funding. Today I rent my own flat while others live in allotted houses.

How did you regain favour?
I live by my own rules. But I believe my work in dance found favour with former president R. Venkataraman.

Will the refusal trend ever stop? This year it has been S. Dhadha?
In Sitara Devi and Vilayat Khan's case, since junior artists were honoured before them I can understand their feelings.

Aren't folk artists...

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