02 August, 2021

Sonal Mansingh

On her 40 years in classical dance

Sonal Mansingh
Whose idea was it to celebrate your 40 years in dance?
These kiddos (my students), their parents, a senior disciple from New York, my institute's board members, I just said 'why not'.

But isn't celebrating 40 years a bit unusual?
It's just celebrating a 40-year-old, difficult and physical journey.

Has it taken a toll on you?
Must have. One doesn't look like one looked at 30. But it hasn't slowed me down, not as yet.

Do you think it will someday?
As an artist I need to keep squeezing off my traumas, and dance helps me do that, so I don't see it wearing me down.

Do you think urban audiences are bored with classical dance?
The urbanite wants classical dance along with his Boogie Woogie and Antakshari, they only have more to choose from now.

But coverage in popular media has also greatly reduced.
That's because their marketing people keep telling them that it's sports and politics that sells.

What about thinning audiences?
I think there's a lot of hunger in...

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