31 July, 2021

Something Not Uniform

Has the politics of manipulation breached the last bastion of our secular being—the armed forces?

Something Not Uniform


Outlook trawled the net to source young officers’ voices on the communalising of the Indian army

  • Malegaon was a backlash waiting to happen dismissed by the Indian military as another one-off freak aberration. One hopes our politicians will realise the country’s interest and security comes before their votebank politics.
  • The Malegaon misdeed, along with previous other so-called "one-off aberrations", is symptomatic of the larger malaise afflicting the Indian military—of valuing competence over character and technical proficiency over values, where ends always justify the means. This response of the Indian military is nothing but a manifestation of self-negation overpowering self-realisation.
  • The armed forces’ exemplary application of religion and community values is a lesson not only to fundamentalists, but also to the fence-sitters and the majority populace.
  • At least people should know HOW COWARD WE...

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