22 June, 2021

Someone Grab The Big Mike

Did Amartya Sen get Dr Swamy’s Oxford talk canned?

Jitender gupta
Someone Grab The Big Mike

Controversial BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy’s run-in with Nobel Laureate economist Amartya Sen over the “mismanagement” of Nalanda University could have played a key role in the cancellation of the former’s scheduled lecture at Oxford University in early April, say sources. Swamy, along with US-based writer Rajiv Malhotra, had been invited by the Oxford India Society (OIS) to speak at the Exeter College on April 3. But “howls of protest”—and from different quarters, students and faculty—against the duo who are known for their anti-Muslim and anti-Dalit (Malhotra) views, led the organisers to call off the lecture.

The organisers say Swamy, a trained  former Harvard economist, was to speak on India’s economic growth and reforms while Malhotra was to speak about Ind­ian history. OIS president Anjul Khadria justified the cancellation saying that unl­ike the Oxford union (an autonomous body), his outfit is part of the university and, hence, has to take into account the views of “a wide range of students...

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