23 September, 2020

Some Of The Parts

India is plagued by the old questions of equity, regional identity

Some Of The Parts

“Another year has rolled by,”   Subhas Chandra Bose wrote on January 8, 1913, to his elder brother Sarat, “and we find ourselves responsible to God for the progress or otherwise that we have made during the last twelve months.” Subhas, not yet 16, saw darkness, despair and decline engulfing India, but “the angel of hope” had appeared in the form of the message of “the saintly Vivekananda”. That seemed to provide some solid ground for Tennysonian optimism. “A brighter future is India’s destiny,” Subhas told his brother. “The day may be far off—but it must come.”

Has that longed-for day finally dawned in India? The usual stocktaking that takes place as we bid adieu to the year gone by and welcome the new is rendered especially difficult for 2009. The year has witnessed the severest global economic crisis in eight decades. The turmoil is not over and the trajectory of recovery is uncertain at best. Our country has weathered the storm unleashed by...



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