27 October, 2020

Some Lives Are Thrillers

Forsyth’s real life story is more thrilling than any yarn he ever spun for us!

Some Lives Are Thrillers

Writers, composers and comedians are, more often than not, people who in private are dour opposites of the cherished public image built up through our own individual connection with the beauty and joy they bring into our lives. Think of the scowly blind Beethoven, the hysterical man with the hyena laugh—Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the mad, possessed Van Gogh, the manic depressive Robin Williams, the neurotic, introverted Woody Allen....

No such contradiction in Forsyth’s case: the man behind the racy, edge-of-the-seat thrillers, meticulously researc­hed and masterfully narrated, often starring charismatic characters, has led a life as extraordinary as some of his characters. Indeed, as this autobiography by the septuagenarian author reveals, this handsome haberdasher has led a life marked by moments of bone-chilling suspense, daredevilry, adventure, romance and intrigue across countries, cultures, continents! He’s the proverbial tinker-sailor-soldier-spy who incarnated variously—as precocious multilingual child prodigy/ star pupil, Royal Air Force...



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