29 November, 2020

Some High Road Chinks

Vajpayee had a sense of history. But on rajdharma, he faltered when it mattered.

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Some High Road Chinks
How will Atal Behari Vajpayee's prime ministership be remembered? History is ruthless, often uncharitable. It may come as a shock to him, but history may not be all that kind, notwithstanding his army of well-wishers. In all likelihood, he will be remembered as "a good man, who could have, but did not do more". Given his stature and life-long commitment to principles—a rapidly vanishing factor in our political arena—Vajpayee could have done more for his country, his party and the concept of rajdharma that he advocated. And because he wasn't steadfast on the latter in a few critical areas, he lost his chair, his party lost power and India lost a golden opportunity.

If only he had the courage to implement rajdharma in Gujarat and remove Modi, at least after the SC strictures, he may have won this election. Even if he didn't win the election, he would have won respect and a permanent seat in history as one of India's glorious prime ministers. Instead, he will be remembered as a PM who began and ended his tenure as a prisoner of the RSS—from the early days of cabinet...


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