14 May, 2021

Som And Khan

This hatred for the Mughals and unrequited admiration for the British is something inexplicable in most Hindutva leaders.

Som And Khan

After quibbling over the piety of the pataka and the right to make others choke on Diwali, now it is the turn to taint the Taj, yes, that enchanting mem­orial for love (or rather, the will of the womb). Sangeet Som, a BJP MP, earlier booked for riots, claims the Taj was built by traitors. UP CM Yogi Adityanath, also from the BJP, insists that the good sons of Bharat mata shed blood, tears and sweat to build it. Now, I have never been a fan of Azam Khan. In fact, I detest the politics of Muslim vote traders. They thrive on the insecurity of the marginalised minorities in the ghettoes and do virtually nothing when Akhlaqs are lynched or Muzaffarnagars go up in flames. Khan had shown greater concern in sending cops after his missing buffaloes. I wonder whether he got his buffaloes back, or else the cops could have got a pair of goats to confess they were Khan’s buffaloes. But this time even Khan made sense when he reminded the BJP MLA of the Viceroy’s House. Why go back several centuries and talk about the Taj, let us discuss the Rashtrapati Bhavan instead. At least,...

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