25 June, 2021

Sole Provider

Muktesh Pant, Reebok’s man in India, takes his running shoes to the fast track in Boston

Sole Provider

From next month, an Indian will be in charge of the Reebok brand worldwide. Next month, Muktesh Pant, Reebok International’s regional director for India, the Middle East and Africa, will be moving from New Delhi to the Boston headquarters of the $3.2-billion Reebok International sportswear major. As vice-president, international brand marketing, he will be in charge of the worldwide maintenance and growth of the Reebok brand, surely one of the 50 most valuable logos on the planet.

It’s rather different from what the 44-year-old Pant, as a child, wanted to be when he grew up: a chemistry teacher.

"I’ve done a lot of operational jobs," euphemises Pant. "It’s time I put my experience to good use." The first thing that strikes you about the man is his humility. There’s nothing flashy about the man, no aura, no glibness. But a remarkable ability to snap into sync with people he meets, to put them at ease immediately. When he speaks, he speaks with conviction, giving the listener a sense...

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