11 April, 2021

“Soldiers Are Dying On The Border, But The Centre Is After AAP”

Manish Sisodia on the controversies surrounding the constant spats between the Centre and the AAP government in Delhi

Photograph by Narendra Bisht
“Soldiers Are Dying On The Border, But The Centre Is After AAP”

Controversies surrounding constant spats between Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung and the ruling Aam Admi Party in Delhi seem to have immobilised the state government completely. Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia speaks to Bula Devi in an interview. Excerpts:

Video by Narendra Bisht/Outlook

The public perception of AAP is that it is more into controversies than governance. How do you see this?

The AAP doesn’t believe in adjustments unl­ike other political parties. Governance with adjustments is the norm in other parties, even when it comes to stopping corruption. Since we don’t believe in that, we are termed radical. Adjustment means accepting corruption. We don’t adjust hence we...

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