13 June, 2021

Software's Hardhead

Sanjay Kumar prefers the personal touch

Software's Hardhead
It took little more than a phone call and a pasta dinner to seal the biggest deal in software history. So says Sanjay Kumar, Sri Lanka-born president and coo of the $5.1-billion Islandia, New York-based megacorp Computer Associates (CA). Credited with single-handedly orchestrating CA's $3.5-billion buyout of the Chicago-based Platinum Technology International Inc, Kumar prefers the personal touch. "I believe in sitting across the table from someone, talking to them and working things out in a face-to-face encounter," he says.

And that's just what he did with long-time rival Andrew "Flip" Filipowski, Platinum's founder and ceo. Filipowski-who had once vowed never to sell his firm to CA-could not say no to Kumar at their dinner meet. Not only was Kumar's cash offer one Filipowski could not refuse, but his vision of company and product integration in an increasingly competitive marketplace, Filipowski says, made tremendous sense.

Kumar's foresight for everything that concerns information technology is lauded by almost all who come into contact with him. One of the youngest...

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