17 June, 2021

To Be Vegan Or Not

Understanding the vegan regime with nutritionist Luke Coutinho

To Be Vegan Or Not

Do you think veganism is just a fad or does it have a much deeper philosophy?

While veganism has the intention of saving the environment and animals, frankly, it’s just another fad. Any diet that is not flexible in terms of food ­options and requires you to eliminate a certain food group forever is a fad. A good diet is flexible and dynamic in nature. It should allow you to eat ­according to your body’s needs and lifestyle.

Is veganism ­picking up fast?

It’s unfortunate that very few people follow veganism with the right intention. For most, it’s just about following others. Herd mentality is something this generation is into but for healthy living, one needs to personalise their lifestyle decisions.

What’s wrong with eating milk products?

Milk is not the problem; the quality of milk is. Most of us have grown up drinking milk and eating milk products. So, have our grandparents. It’s the quality of milk, its source and the way it is sourced that...

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