29 July, 2021

Myth, Evolution And Science Love Under The ­Crimson Moon Clock

Period pollution is a myth. What it does in biology is cleansing, a monthly exorcism of pathogens. And by all means, make love.

The Venus of Laussel, seen to symbolise the menstrual cycles
Photograph by Getty Images
Myth, Evolution And Science Love Under The ­Crimson Moon Clock

Consider the period. Lukewarm uterine jus. Bloody snot that smells of womb silt, lumpy with ­gobbets of dead endo­metrium that has been the weft of life for about a lunar month. For all the hymning and ­humming and hawing, it ­indicates the failure of conception.

Repugnance is a sort of aesthetic judgement. That menstrual blood has been the object of revulsion, not mere sensory dislike, not ‘animal-reminder’ disgust, is perhaps on account of the idea that it issues forth from a sphincterless, incontinent ostium, located between the plumbing for faeces and urine. And that the said blood carries in it the curdled pickings of tissue deb­ris and some imagined putrefaction and contamination. It is a visceral disgust that predates the germ theory of disease, and is based on a knowing that precedes rational thought. It never needed a manifesto or a plebiscite or a sub-­committee to manifest itself. It’s from the time of the early carriers of faith, when they lived in a state of fear and benightedness, whose nat­ure, according to the...

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