12 May, 2021

Dodge The Indian Sun

Offbeating the travel odds!

Early Light
Hira Devi’s day begins early at Sarmoli village in Munsiari, Uttarakhand
Photograph by Abhinandita Mathur/Outlook Traveller
Dodge The Indian Sun

Have you noticed how other people want to “go somewhere”, “do something”, every summer? And have you noticed how they want you to tell them where to “go somewhere” and “do something”, every summer? Then, as if to skim the froth off the gathering puddle of bile about your immotile ankles, she of the hand-cr­e­amed hands, white sneakers-no socks and peach shorts, insists on an “offbeat”, “off-the-grid” holiday. Pre­fe­rably, with a strong 4G network and no leeches, thankyouplease.

With the election season upon us though, we’re temporarily dialling down our hostility towards all or any fellow-citizens making a run for the hills—travellers or tourists, socks or no socks. And so it is in the spirit of tolerance, as a peace offering to the gods of deluded democracies, we bring you a list of Nation First summer experiences that are, um, rather “offbeat”.

Of course, offbeat is as offbeat does—what with expectations of accountability currently hanging heavy...

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