15 May, 2021

Socialism, Cash Down

Its ploy of Aadhar-hinged cash transfer may have won the Congress political points, but will it really be a game-changer?

Socialism, Cash Down


  • 40% of the 22 crore Aadhar numbers are in Andhra Pradesh (4.7 crore) and Maharashtra (4 crore)
  • 20% is what the two politically sensitive, Congress-ruled states account for of the 51 districts where DCT will be rolled out
  • 55 lakh Aadhar numbers in TMC-run West Bengal. BJP-ruled Gujarat (57 lakh) and DMK-ruled Tamil Nadu (69 lakh) are other states with lowest penetration of Aadhar
  • 2.35 crore is the Aadhar number in neediest BIMARU states (Bihar: 20 lakh, Madhya Pradesh: 1.2 crore, Rajasthan: 97 lakh and UP: 98 lakh).
  • 55% of Aadhar numbers have been issued to the voter catchment-friendly age band of
    16-45 years. Those above 66 years, who are needier, account for just 4.3% of numbers issued.

Game Of The Name

  • The Rs 12,000-crore uid scheme remains outside Parliament’s ambit. Some feel Aadhar not following proper rules,...
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