27 January, 2021

Social outcasts find the doors open at Mother and Child Foundation

Social outcasts find the doors open at Mother and Child Foundation
Some mothers do have them, yet others need to be loved and cared for more than others. The cradles at the Mother and Child Foundation in Thodupuzha are for babies of unwed mothers, pregnant, deserted or abused wives or cheated women—the victimised social outcasts who have no other place to have their babies.

The foundation is the dream project of Thomas Myladoor, a doctor-turned-hotelier who owns an Indian restaurant, ‘Il Guru’, in Rome. As Thomas remembers, "I was on holiday at my home in Thodupuzha when I visited an orphanage to which I used to donate. To my horror, I found a hydrocephalic child there, abandoned by the mother. He was so emaciated that only his head was visible. His mother had come there in the last month of her pregnancy, after every other orphanage had rejected her. The small orphanage had 23 children and five women then but she was allowed to stay and deliver the child. I was so moved that I adopted and took him to Rome. Now he is seven and there is no trace of the bulge in his head. The incident made me realise the plight of such women and that of...



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