27 November, 2020

So Who's At Silly Point?

Vitriol flows on the chatlines, and boys no longer talk cricket with papa at dinner. Can the game of games bounce back?

So Who's At Silly Point?

Maango dil se milega chor. The verdict on the art of cricket, as practiced in India, is finally in, with delicious irony: though it is off-season, it is open season on cricket. It is a verdict that mixes outrage, disgust, contempt, disillusionment, sadness, abuse, outright suspicion, betrayal and, of all things, hope, though not in equal measure.

The results of the Outlook-mdra poll, conducted in six Indian cities with 246 respondents, is a classic representative of the mood. There is deep distrust for cricketers. And bcci is now just another four-letter word. As for the government efforts, well, betting, like Bofors, starts with the letter B. Howzzat? This is a catch that is still being spilt. Do these ad-darlings deserve the benefit of doubt?

The flood of information from the queered pitches is sobering. The general view is that the serial revelations has knocked the bottom out of fiercely-held passions. The new fervour is about baying for blood. Indian cricket junkies are now begging for a chance to do some fixing of their own. Fix the situation (and the baddies) for...



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