03 August, 2021

So Who Wants To Do JEE-Huzoori?

The IITs see red in HRD minister’s idea of a single test for engineering colleges

Tribhuvan Tiwari
So Who Wants To Do JEE-Huzoori?

Brand IIT versus GoI. It’s only the latest battle in this summer of seemingly endless discontent. Union minister for human resource development Kapil Sibal continues his on-off battle to snap away at the heels of the IIT-combine in his quest to rewrite the statute books. Sibal’s goal of a single engineering examination for the centres par excellence and all engineering colleges has caused consternation and heartburn. But, more importantly, it has led to plenty of confusion (and even fear) among the hundreds of thousands of students lining up to enter the portals of the country’s premier engineering institutes.

Sources in the HRD ministry insist the entire exercise was conducted democratically....

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