15 June, 2021

So Where Are Those Grey Cells?

'Whitewashed' again.... Should Dhoni go? Maybe not yet, but he must rethink tactics.

AFP (From Outlook 10 March 2014)
So Where Are Those Grey Cells?

Recent Comments On Dhoni’s Captaincy

“I think he [Dhoni] doesn’t trust his bowling attack as much as I think he should.... That is a slightly defensive mindset he has got into.”

Rahul Dravid
Former India cricketer

“As a Test captain, he’s too reactive and has a tendency to let the game meander along. When a captain starts to hinder his team, he needs to be replaced.”

Ian Chappell
Former Australia player, commentator

“His (Dhoni’s) Test captaincy has been obnoxious. If the World Cup was not less than a year away, I would have agreed that Dhoni should be removed as captain.”

Sourav Ganguly
Former India captain

“Dhoni is a defensive captain, one who allows the opposition to make a comeback in the game.”

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