03 December, 2020

So, Big Deal

The nuclear deal lies haze-wrapped. Rural India just tries to cope with a price rise squeezing dry its resources with its whimsies.

So, Big Deal
Village Voices

What rural India thinks about inflation, nuclear deal

1. Awareness of the nuclear deal seems to be strikingly low, especially in the villages of the Hindi heartland, despite hours of TV debates and the daily headlines.

2. All over the country, rising prices are a much more emotive issue, and they are mostly seen as the fault of the Centre. From drinking tea with gur instead of sugar, to giving up rice and going without meat or fish, or cooking a hot meal just once a day, ordinary villagers are having to cut back in myriad ways.

3. Even those who are aware of global factors behind inflation feel the situation has not been managed well. The price rise is all-encompassing, and seems to have nothing to do with whether goods are transported over long distances or not, they point out. Unscrupulous traders are having their day, they say, unchecked by central or state governments.

4. In West Bengal, where awareness of the nuclear deal is...


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