24 June, 2021

Snake In Monkey's Shadow

Aah... the race of this century. China's breathless, maniacal, cocky pursuit of greatness. Versus our mix of sloth, doubt and free oxygen.

Snake In Monkey's Shadow
"China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese": the wise words of one of the great statesmen of the 20th century, former French president Charles de Gaulle. As that century drew to a close, another soon-to-be president was being asked if he knew who India's leader was. "The new prime minister of India is...No." George Bush is unlikely to join de Gaulle in the pantheon of great statesmen but it's unlikely historians will look back at this new century and find leaders, anywhere in the world, happily displaying their ignorance of the two most populous nations on earth.

Things have changed very quickly. Just five years into the new millennium, America's National Intelligence Council was hailing the 'Asian century'. India and China, it predicted, were to be the "new major global players" dominating world events in the way America had in the 20th century, and Germany had the century before that. Nobody is arguing with the prediction; instead the talk is about which will be the more powerful.

There's no doubt in the minds of the...

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