27 July, 2021

Smudges On A Scorecard

Fixing is here all right. But here’s a method that can quantify the amount of dirt in the game.

Smudges On A Scorecard
(The author, an economist, runs cricketX.com)

It’s in the interest of all cricket administrators to show that match-fixing never occurred. But the Delhi police waylaid the best plans of people wanting to look the other way; the tapes, not unlike Nixon’s Watergate tapes, carried both smoke and considerable fire. Hansie Cronje’s admission of guilt, while welcome, was inevitable. If pangs of guilt alone were enough, then Pakistan opener Saeed Anwar would’ve stopped the rot ages ago. Anwar is reported to have felt guilty after receiving money. He revealed this to friends and Justice Qayyum and is believed to have been off the gravy train since. There are several other scandals lurking in the shadows. The question is: will there ever be enough evidence for fans to assess whether match-fixing actually took place?

Here it’s necessary to make transparent the meaning of match-fixing. Betting on cricket, and associated fixing, takes place on several match events-how many wides will there be in a match, will Cronje reach 50 runs, will South Africa score above...

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