26 October, 2020

Smriti Irani

We are a happy team, like the joint families in a TV soap. Instead of a ‘saas’, we have a ‘sasur’...

Illustration by Sorit
Smriti Irani

Busy, busy, busy, that is what I am these days. Just okayed digitisation of academic awards, quite different from TV awards. Next, have to choose 12 VCs.  In my 12th standard college, we had no VCs. Not that I attended college much, having more important things to do elsewhere. Invitations to functions, more functions, but where is the time? Said no to an Ivy League function, though later I learnt it was an IPL cricket function in Calcutta—is this the time to watch a cricket match? Anyway, I have no desire to be in Calcutta, everyone quoting Tagore and acting uppity, starting from their intellectual chief minister.

All said and done, we are a happy team, like the joint families in a TV soap. Instead of a ‘saas’, we have a ‘sasur’ who is very attached to me. You know what he told me. Not to worry about my degree controversy. He is proud of the fact that I had two degrees, a BA and a BCom Part I. According to him, I, with my two degrees, was a cut above his babus who had just one three-letter degree, IAS or MBA. Academically, I was...



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