01 August, 2021

Smriti Irani, 38

HRD minister 3.5/10

Tribhuvan Tiwari
Smriti Irani, 38

A lightweight compared to her illustrious predecessors, she has come under scathing criticism from a serving member of the UGC, M.M. Ansari, and others who questioned the appointment of a “Class 12th pass” as the country’s HRD minister. She was also accused of lying about her qualifications. Irani had claimed to have a ‘degree’ from Yale before it was let out that was from a 5-day leadership programme she had attended there along with other MPs. At the end of 200 days, she has said and done little to improve teaching standards, arrest dropouts or fill up faculty positions in IITs and IIMs. While lurching from one controversy to another, Irani has clearly—and openly—been pursuing the agenda of the Sangh parivar.

From consulting an astrologer about her stars to recommending vedic education in the school curriculum, Irani executes under the Modi/RSS baton. Does she have the freedom to choose her people? She definitely does appointments, but at the RSS bidding. One of her first appointments was Yellapragaa Sudarshan Rao—who...

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