27 October, 2020

Smokin 'Em Out

Have the honourable grandees of state decided to impersonate George W. Bush's vocabulary?

Smokin 'Em Out
"Mooh tod jawaab denge!," thunders the defence minister. "Aar paar ki ladai hogi!," vows the prime minister. "Hot pursuit!," declares the home minister. Carl von Clausewitz would cringe. Clausewitz’s famous work, On War, is regarded as one of the best books on warfare and contains the famous line—"War is merely the continuation of policy". War is supposed to be reasoned policy but our policymakers still sound as if they are scrapping on the streets or screaming in a fish market! Have the honourable grandees of state decided to impersonate George W. Bush’s vocabulary? Will they soon canter down Raj Path brandishing trishuls yelling "we’re gonna smoke ’em out?" It looks like it.

War rhetoric is so astoundingly blunt now that even senior statesmen look like they are impersonating the chief protagonists of mafia movie Satya.

But whose sons and daughters will fight this war? Who will die so that we may feel happy about our patriotism? Not the children of the top echelons of bureaucracy certainly. Oh, no. Not them. They have skilfully de-nationalised...



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