08 May, 2021

Slovenia Diary

Slovenian beauty Melania Trump is, as far as contemporary conventions go, the best looking first-lady that the US has ever had

Slovenia Diary
Fame Fatale

Trick question. Who’s the most famous Slovenian in the world? Hint. It’s a beautiful woman. She’s a former supermodel, who once appeared nude in a pictorial magazine. Give up? The answer is Melania Knauss, her maiden name. Still clueless? Well, she’s now better known as the first lady of the US, Melania Trump. She comes from Sevnika, a small village in Slovenia. Her parents, Amelia and Victor, are from a humble background. Melania became a model and then moved to Milan where she hit the big time. She then went on to become the third wife of the billionaire real estate tycoon, and now US President-elect Donald Trump. A rags-to-riches story, through beauty and guile. She is, as far as contemporary conventions go, the best-looking first lady that the US has ever had, outshining even the fashionable and aristocratic Jacqueline Kennedy.

Almost everyone in Slovenia seems to know the antecedents of their famous country-person,...

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