12 April, 2021

Sleepless In...

It's Cup fever in Silicon Valley too. No one's missing the action.

Kamla Bhatt
Sleepless In...
Every morning at 8 am, Dr Maya Sastry is greeted with a familiar sight in her living room—her husband half-asleep in front of the TV, after having stayed up all night to watch a World Cup cricket match. "Who won?" she asks dutifully and he mumbles the winners' name. "Whenever I call him at work, he is not at his desk. At first I was puzzled, but I've figured it out now," says Sastry. Tired from staying up all night, her husband takes short naps in his car.

"Interested in watching World Cup cricket? Seeking sardonic commentaries on cricket? Well, you got company now... We are a bunch of three guys living in a Santa Clara townhouse with a dish network and a 29" TV. Seeking three equally affable cricket junkies." This eye-catching advertisement was posted on craigslist.org, a popular electronic community board in the San Francisco Bay Area. But the quest to find cricket junkies to watch the Cup with did not materialise for Maneesh Sahu, who posted the ad. Sahu and his roommates, Goutham Mallareddy and Amit Bothra, join thousands in the San Francisco Bay Area every night on a...

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