03 August, 2021

Skeletons In The Closet

Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh chief minister Vengala Rao's memoirs rake up Narasimha Rao's past

Skeletons In The Closet

THE timing could not have been worse for P.V. Narasimha Rao. Already dogged by allegations of corruption, the former prime minister and Congress president has one more set of embarrassing revelations to fend off. Former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and one-time Union industries minister Jalagam Vengala Rao has come out of retirement with his memoirs, Naa Jeevitha Katha (My Life Story), in which he has exposed Narasimha Rao's past and also the state Congress unit. The references will perhaps not implicate Narasimha Rao in a fresh scam but is likely to show him and the Congress in poor light—and is bound to be lapped up by Rao-baiters.

Particularly damaging to Narasimha Rao is Vengala's revelation of the Congress president's affair with Lekshmikanthamma, a former Congress MP—which led to Rao's ouster as chief minister in 1973. The autobiography quotes Indira Gandhi as having remarked to the author that "PV has done nothing but flirt around with Lekshmikanthamma". She felt that it was irresponsible of Rao to be...

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