23 January, 2021

Size Matters

In the emerging software landscape, only the frontliners are coping. Others have to realign or perish.

Size Matters
The past four weeks have unveiled an unfamiliar software story. It's about the great divide, a chasm between the biggies and the rest. The top few firms are doing exceedingly well, even beyond the expectations of the Street (as the Mumbai stockmarket is referred to). But the others are inching up, struggling, or just falling by the wayside. And the Q2 results this year have clearly segregated the two segments. From now on, the frontline tech firms will hog the limelight and the remaining ones will need to either find a profitable niche, merge to gain size, or die.

But it's no smooth ride for India's top three giants—TCS, Wipro and Infosys. As one analyses the results for the past few quarters, it's evident that a few pressure points are building up and are threatening to crack the impregnable business walls of the software trio. So, this is essentially a story of change, transformation, and a realisation that's driving infotech firms to adapt in the old Darwinian manner. Those who triumph will be the fittest, nimblest and the most innovative.



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