04 August, 2021

‘Sixteen Is Sweet. Seventeen Is Sexy.’

‘Sixteen Is Sweet. Seventeen Is Sexy.’
Seventeen! Hot rod queen. Young enough to dance and sing. Old enough to get that swing. Seventeen!—Boyd Bennett

Seventeen is sexy. Nothing ‘sweet’ about 17. Sixteen is sweet. Seventeen’s dangerous! That’s exactly how I felt on my 17th birthday. Reckless, rebellious and ready to take on the world. It was a heady dive into imminent adulthood. Mumbai was Bombay. And my restless self couldn’t wait to reinvent just about everything. Starting with my appearance. I’d been ‘discovered’ by then. Discovered by an advertising agency head. It was a fortuitous discovery.

My long and affectionate involvement with the camera began on a monsoon evening inside the magnificent ballroom of the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, at a fabulous fashion extravaganza put together by a lady who called herself...

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